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Less stress for your pets

Pets adjust better at home

Pets often get stressed when taken out of their home environment without their family, and their familiar sights and smells. Anxiety and stress can lower their immune system and expose them to illnesses they would not normally be susceptible to. I have had clients go to a kennel and end up with hundreds of dollars in vet bills due to stomach viruses, and in one instance canine influenza. Pets tend to adjust better to their family's absence when they are in their own environment. Additionally they stay on their normal schedule for feeding instead of being fed on a kennel schedule. In addition, someone is checking on your home while you are away every day, as many times a day as you require.

Keep your pets safe

Midday walks/exercise walks versus doggie daycare: Doggie daycare is a good for burning off your pet's energy; however, in my experience the dogs are not supervised well enough. I have had clients' dogs come home with injuries that the daycare simply could not explain. In addition, again, they are exposed to all sorts of illnesses that can be very costly to care for. We will pet sit for pit bulls and other bully dog breeds. Call today for scheduling your pet care.

Backyard Waste Clean Up

Backyard waste is raw sewage carrying many unpleasant parasites and diseases. Roundworm, E. coli, and Giardia and some of the harmful organisms found in animal waste. If gone untreated some parts of waste may hang around in your yard for nearly four years! Keep your family and friends out of harms waste by using one our backyard waste cleanup service. Use Gentle Touch Pet Sitting to clean up after your pet and make sure your lawn is clean and safe for your entire family to enjoy throughout the year!

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