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Everyone cares for their pets differently. We design our services to fit whatever your special individual needs are. Whether they are long walks, playing in the backyard or administration of medication, etc.

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Mid-day walks/Exercising visits which can include: jogging, biking, hiking or trips to dog park -

Give your best friend a break in the middle of the day while you're at work.  The average professional is out of the home about twelve hours a day. This is a long time to go without relieving yourself, not to mention being alone.  Mid-day walks or exercise visits are great tools for releasing any boredom and pent up energy.  Walking centers their minds and creates a calmer dog.  It also gives them healthier kidneys.  Additionally, we can reinforce any lead training that has been done with your best friend on a daily basis, which is imperative for good behavior.

Lead Training

Whether it is a puppy or an older dog, any dog can be taught to walk on a lead with you, rather than them walking you on a lead.  We will provide comprehensive instruction to you and your dog on how one should walk on a lead.  When a dog understands that you are their leader when walking, it tends to make off lead training easier.

Administering of medication

Whether you are away or at home and simply do not feel comfortable pilling or with injections, we can help you. We also can administer sub-q fluids.

Backyard waste clean up

Leaving waste on your property can cause problems for your lawn and problems for your dog.  We will pick up and dispose of dog waste from your yard so you do not have to.  We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and bi-monthly as well as an initial one time clean up or seasonal cleanup.  Your yard will be clean and beautiful for you to enjoy.

Vacation Visits

We provide 30, 45 or 60 minute visits as many times a day as you choose.  Additionally we can provide overnight visits if you prefer your pet to have 24 hour care.  We design your vacation package to fit whatever you need.  Your pet will be happy and comfortable in their own home.

House sitting

Watering plants, taking in mail, alternating lights, opening and closing of blinds, taking out and bringing in garbage.